What is Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

FMS itself is a series of seven different movements and three clearing tests that are combined into a movement screen. By screen, this does not mean it’s a diagnostic tool. The FMS is not diagnostic at all. It is a proven tool that looks objectively at quality of movement. It is extremely objective, reliable, and reproducible. It used by a wide range of fitness and health care professionals.

FMS looks at fundamental movements, motor control within movements, and a competence of basic movement patterns. Its job is to determine movement deficiency and uncover asymmetry.

Further assessment can be conducted, if revealed in the FMS. The evaluation is done by a simple grading system, without judgment.

The goal of FMS is to add insight to movement problems that would ultimately lead to the best exercise choices and program design for individuals that would minimize risk of injury.

The FMS is designed for all healthy, active people and for healthy, inactive people who want to increase physical activity. It is designed for those that do not have pain or injury.